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Junior Allegro Grand Prix Progress Score


Listed below are the current top ten players in the Allegro Grand Prix tournament. Please note that only players' top four round scores contribute to their total points. Transfer tournament points also do not count towards the final Grand Prix score.

If you haven't made your move to take out the top ten yet, see the Full Standings Table.

Position Name 28th March 20099th May30th May - transfer13th June25th July29th August12th September - transfer17th October7th Novemeber Total Points
1Ari Dale76.50665.507727.5
2Michael Addamo000706.506524.5
3Domenic D'Agata06.5006005522.5
4Jack Puccini55055.55044.520.5
5Nicolaas Schroder44.503.534.504518
6Finley Dale34.503.54.5405318
7James Boyce05054404418
8Dylan Hill4303.54.5404316.5
9Rafael Pecori000044.5034.516
10Ryan Hill43034304315

Please give a few working days after any given tournament for the scores to be updated.

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