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Why Chess?


•  Chess is not only a fun game to play and learn that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, it is also a powerful educational tool.

•  Any game can help build self-esteem and confidence but chess is one of the few that fully exercises our minds.

•  Most six or seven year olds can follow the basic rules and some children as young as five can play.

•  Chess can enhance and develop:

•  Concentration
•  Patience
•  Perseverance
•  Creativity
•  Intuition
•  Memory
•  Critical Thinking
•  Problem Solving Skills
•  Flexibility of Thinking
•  Chess can equally challenge the minds of girls and boys, gifted and average, athletic and non-athletic, rich and poor.

•  Chess teaches the importance of planning and the consequences of decisions.

•  Chess teaches how to win and lose gracefully.
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